Using social media for B2B marketing

a man looking at his phone, headline is 'what ocial media should you be using for B2B marketing?'

We’ve come to the final part in our series looking at the major social media platforms for B2B marketing. We’ve covered the most popular platforms in depth. Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Facebook got an article each. This final post is a snappier look at four other platforms. Think of it as the best of … View this post

How we help businesses to stand out from the crowd

GetCrisp: How we help businesses to stand out from the crowd

Don’t let your business blend in with the crowd! Ultimately, you have services or products you want consumers to use or buy. So, creating a powerful brand to get your message out is a must. First impressions count, if you have a memorable brand that stands out from the crowd and makes a positive first … View this post



There are steps all businesses can take to successfully market their business.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are popular methods businesses use to boost site traffic, rank higher in online searches, increase sales, and strengthen their brand identity. But, when it comes to SEO vs PPC, is one better than … View this post

Our Top Design Trends of 2023

Our Top 5 Design Trends of 2023

Like every creative field, graphic design is always evolving and changing. More than many others though, it’s a field businesses need to stay on top of. There is no overstating the appeal that a strong visual element can add to your marketing, and your competition already knows this.   To help inspire your next campaign, we … View this post

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

How to put yourself in your customers shoes

Many businesses boldly state they understand the needs of their customers, and many successful companies do. But how do businesses manage to keep customer satisfaction and loyalty high? When running a business, understanding your customers is one of the most important things to focus on. By putting yourself in your customers’ shoes, it helps you … View this post

Should you be using Facebook for B2B marketing?

Should you be using Facebook for B2B marketing?

In our series of articles looking at social media and its use for B2B marketing, we have already explored Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and TikTok. Next up is Facebook, should you be using it for B2B marketing? Facebook is a global giant, coming in with over 2.9 billion active users every month[ref1] . As I’m sure you … View this post

Should you be using Twitter for B2B marketing?

Should you be using Twitter for B2B marketing?

Up next, as part of our series on B2B marketing and social media, we are diving into Twitter. Twitter’s been in the news a lot since the controversial takeover by Elon Musk. Are companies steering clear? Is it more of a B2C space than B2B anyway? That’s what we’re exploring today. A brief overview of … View this post

Should you be using TikTok for B2B marketing?

B2B marketing on Tiktok

Ever heard the phrase “TikTok made me buy it”? As part of our series of deep dives into social media platforms and B2B marketing strategies, we’re now looking at TikTok. TikTok is a platform that’s all about short-form viral videos. Now, you might think of it as a platform for teenagers. But that doesn’t mean … View this post

Should you be using LinkedIn for B2B marketing?

Blog - LinkedIn B2B marketing

As part of a series of deep dives focusing on B2B marketing on social platforms. GetCrisp are exploring what each platform has to offer. In our previous article, we looked at Instagram. Now let’s look at using LinkedIn for B2B marketing. Specifically designed for the business community, LinkedIn is popular among job seekers. Professionals create … View this post

Should you be using Instagram for B2B Marketing

Instagram blog

So, you run a B2B business. Are you making the most of social media for marketing? There’s a lot of marketing out there on social media, but finding a B2B audience is a unique challenge.  That’s why we’re doing a series of deep dives on different social platforms, with a specific focus on B2B. It … View this post