How we help businesses to stand out from the crowd

Don’t let your business blend in with the crowd!

Ultimately, you have services or products you want consumers to use or buy. So, creating a powerful brand to get your message out is a must.

First impressions count, if you have a memorable brand that stands out from the crowd and makes a positive first impression, consumers are more likely to come to you.

How difficult is it to get your business to stand out from the crowd? In this article, we will be sharing our marketing expertise to answer this exact question. Let’s start by looking at how to make a successful marketing campaign.

What makes a successful marketing campaign?

Mastering the art of brand storytelling is key to creating successful campaigns.

Compelling story campaigns are much more memorable to consumers, stories hook people in and build connections between an audience and a brand.

When designing a marketing campaign, it’s useful to research your competitors, what do they focus on? and what are they offering? By looking at what’s already out there allows you to offer a better deal in comparison.

Set out what makes your product or service special and think about why consumers should come to you instead of going elsewhere. Businesses can find they get stuck if they try to please everyone, rather than solely focusing on a target market. You’re risking a failed campaign if you try to appeal to everyone.

Many businesses come to companies like GetCrisp because we have the expertise and knowledge to support businesses with their marketing goals.

Make adverts stand out.

From email campaigns to social media posts or product marketing, we are bombarded with ads in all formats every day. This increases the importance of making your advert stand out and grab an audience’s attention instantly.

Even though you’re competing with dozens of ads and competitors, there are steps you can take to stand out from the crowd.

  • Pinpoint who your audience is.
  • Understand your competition by having a firm grasp of what competitors are providing.
  • Be original, utilise what you already know about your audience and industry competition. Knowing what you’re up against will help you create compelling content.
  • Go bold with your headline. Opening lines should capture the reader’s attention immediately.
  • Create appealing content that inspires curiosity and doesn’t overload your audience.
  • Images, links, sound, and videos go a long way. Think about how they can enhance your advert and increase memorability.
  • Time it right. Don’t put all the hard work into create memorable ads to then use them at the wrong time. Post when your audience are most receptive.
  • Don’t over explain. Ads are there to provide the main points to a customer, be specific and to the point.

Be unique with your marketing approach.

Consumers look for companies that can offer solutions to their problems. It can be difficult to have a USP, particularly if your business is in a saturated market, but if you can find a unique angle, it can be the tipping point for clients to choose you.

At GetCrisp, we get to know each business we work with personally. This means we can tailor our services to fit you and give your marketing campaigns a unique edge.

Our content team, optimise written content and create custom, eye catching ads which engage and attract your target audience. Creating video can also be extremely powerful, from events to case studies and testimonials. Take a look at a recent case study video we created for Focus Group.

Invest in your website.

Site traffic is an important metric to consider because higher traffic can lead to increased revenue and sales.

We add value to a business’s websites by using extensive research and strategy. We create content and optimise your site to push you up the rankings. By deep diving into your site’s current performance, we can create an optimisation plan. That’s just the beginning though, with regular analysis we modify strategies as trends evolve. SEO is an ongoing process which means regular analysis is key.

A fast site attracts more return visits and performs better in search engine rankings. Our developers are highly skilled and can transform page load times without impacting design or function.

How to add personality to your brand.

Many businesses don’t realise the benefits a strong brand personality has. There are many ways to give your brand more personality. Ways to stand out include:

  • Give your brand a face, share and show off your employees from all parts of the business to help humanise your business.

  • Look at the bigger picture, are you involved in the local community? Do you fundraise for charities or hold team days for clients? Including content in your marketing which is not product or service specific can help build publicity and strengthen a consistent brand personality.

  • Post regularly, keeping intervals between social media posts short.

  • Keep a consistent theme, stick to the same font, colour schemes and styles. A consistent theme looks professional, makes you identifiable and shows your brands personality.

Failing to create a personality for your brand will likely make it difficult to connect with your customers and industry market. Our designers can work with you to develop new brand guidelines, from logos to fonts and colour palettes. 

How GetCrisp can help your business stand out

As already mentioned, GetCrisp have a diverse team of marketing experts who can develop and execute digital marketing strategies for businesses. We focus our expertise on these key areas:

Digital marketing – we use SEO and data driven strategies to grow your audience and we focus on building your website into a solid cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Content – our content creators deliver authentic, targeted content, creating, blogs, press releases, emails and website and social media content.

Video Marketing – video is an integral part of marketing; we handle all elements of production in house.

Social media – we provide bespoke graphics and content, and our dedicated account managers keep you in the loop with our social management services.

Consultancy – we create bespoke marketing plans for you to use inhouse, or our team of designer’s, content writers and developers can help where you need it.

Brand design – from simple design guidelines, new logo or a complete re brand, our graphic designers and marketing experts can refresh your image.

PR and events – we have a track record of planning and executing conferences and award events. We can manage any element from planning the content and graphics to videography and booking talent.

We hope this article has been useful. Why not get in touch to discuss how we can help your business stand out from the crowd.