Meet the GetCrisp team

Our team are a friendly group of characters from many backgrounds. Combining web and app developers, to writers and experienced marketers, we have extensive experience in the tech industry and we’ve come together to help teams get the most out of their B2B marketing.

Richard is our founder and heads up sales and marketing. Richard started GetCrisp due to his passion for marketing and desire to help customers communicate better. Richard has years of experience in the telecoms industry, but this is negated by his years of experience in the pub industry. 

Lewis is our Operations Director, he handles all of the organisational tasks, a skill he probably learned whilst doing his maths degree. Lewis keeps everything at GetCrisp running smoothly and once performed at The Albert Hall.

Steve is our Technical Lead. He works on all of our software development and handles a lot of the tech wizardry. Steve is perfect for this with experience designing CRM systems to billing platforms.  Steve has a Law degree, which might be relevant to software development, but does anyone really know? 

Mike is our Lead Web Developer. He knows everything that there is to know about CSS, HTML, WordPress and anything else that you need to develop a website. Mike has previous experience in technical support but switched to web design as he was tired of telling people to turn it off and on again.

Ben is a Digital Content Writer with years of telecoms experience. Ben is 90% beard and 10% facts about phones. His technical knowledge is only outweighed by his unnecessarily vast car knowledge.

Jade is a Marketing Consultant who previously worked for one of the UK’s fastest growing telecoms companies. When she’s not working at GetCrisp, Jade hosts an annual viking party and yes that does involve dressing up.

Liam is a Digital Content Creator with a degree in Classics, as well as creative writing qualifications. He likes working with our clients as it gives him someone to talk to.

Jono is a video editor who has previously worked alongside the BBC and David Attenborough. He has gone from filming a bunch of animals in the wild, to filming a bunch of animals in the telecoms industry.

Pete works on our Animations and Web Development. Pete has years of animations experience and is highly proficient with Adobe AfterEffects. Pete is also a trained primary school teacher, a skill that has come in handy when working with GetCrisp.