We’re Finalists at the CRN Sales & Marketing Awards

We’re thrilled to announce that we have made the final shortlist at the 2021 CRN Sales & Marketing Awards! We’re nominated for the Best Channel Marketing Agency 2021.

The CRN Sales & Marketing awards are designed to shed light and reward the teams and individuals who help shape the UK’s IT and telecoms industries. For every great product and service that there is in this industry there is a great sales and marketing team behind them.

After a difficult year for many businesses, this year’s awards are all about celebrating the positives in the industry. It is great to recognise the outstanding achievements made by teams like ours, specifically over the course of the pandemic.

This is why the GetCrisp team was nominated for Best Channel Marketing Agency. Over the past year we have worked alongside existing clients and new ones to develop alternatives to their traditional sales and marketing approaches. These new initiatives have helped their businesses to thrive during the pandemic.

All of the projects delivered by GetCrisp are supported by our experience in the telecoms and tech industries. This industry knowledges means that we can speak the same language as our clients, we understand the challenges they face and can explore new avenues of sales and marketing that can help them to get ahead. We’ve seen some fantastic results this year and many of the services and practices that we developed for clients during the pandemic are positioned to support them for long after it ends.

We’d like to say thanks in advance to our customers who supported our award entry, it means the world to us. We hugely appreciate the trust that has been placed in us to support their businesses over the years.

Of course we also have to give a shout-out to our team! Despite a challenging year, each of them has faced all the obstacles unflinchingly, respect!

The awards ceremony is taking place on Thursday the 8th of July! Keep an eye on our socials to see how we’ve done, if we win, you’ll definitely be hearing about it. If we don’t, you probably won’t!