5 Secrets from the Google Leaks

5 Secrets from the Google Leaks

In the past week, Google has suffered a massive leak of internal API documents. The documents, shared on GitHub by an automated bot, offer an unprecedented level of access to the inner workings of Google’s secretive search algorithm.  Not all the leaked data relates directly to Google search, but there are some fascinating insights that … View this post

How to create a SEO Keyword strategy: a guide to keywords

Which keywords should you be targeting

Keywords are the bread and butter of every SEO strategy, and are central to helping users find your website, read your content, and look at your product. Here’s the truth: if you have a website, you need to be using an effective keyword strategy. Signposting your site for organic traffic can be challenging, but with … View this post

Your website health score matters. Here’s why.

Your Website Health Score Matters

Ever seen a health score for your website? Lots of SEO products can create one (we use SEMRush to generate ours), and it will look something like this: Now, this may seem abstract or even irrelevant. But your site health has a huge impact on how likely people are to find your site, contact you, … View this post

Website health scores: 4 common issues and how to fix them

Website Health Scores

We’re offering free website health audits at the moment. And in conjunction, we’ll be publishing a lot on how to use these to boost your SEO.  First things first, I wanted to run through four of the most common issues a health audit will highlight – and how to fix them. Why health audits are … View this post

Threads: how popular is it, and should your business be using it?

Image of Threads logo

Threads burst onto the scene in July 2023. Meta’s answer to X (the platform formerly known as Twitter), they promised huge expansion with their eyes firmly set on Elon Musk’s crown. It was good timing for Meta, as at the time, Twitter was steeped in controversy. From introducing paid membership to limiting views per user, … View this post

Email marketing: do this BEFORE you spend thousands on prospect data

do this BEFORE you spend thousands on prospect data

B2B email marketing works. If the right message catches the right decision-maker at the right time, you can give your sales team an easy win. The problem? Quality prospect email data is very, very expensive. We’ve helped clients make substantial sales from prospect emails – but it’s natural to question the price. This article is … View this post

When are third-party cookies being phased out?

That's how the cookie crumbles. When are third-party cookies being phased out?

On January 4th, Google rolled out tracking protection to 1% of Chrome users globally. This new feature is part of the larger plan to phase out third-party cookies in 2024. What does the death of third-party cookies mean for digital marketing and how will companies need to adapt? Let’s take a look. What are cookies? … View this post

Do you know about the golden hour of LinkedIn?

Golden hour LinkedIn

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, the golden hour on LinkedIn is definitely something worth knowing about if you’re looking to increase your visibility on the platform. Why? This brief time frame directly after you post is when the LinkedIn algorithm decides how your post is going to work based on how many likes, … View this post

Our top 5 tips for creating engaging B2B content

Title: Top 5 tips for creating engaging B2B content

It’s on your to-do list. But you keep putting it off: content creation. Successful B2B content can really drive business success and brand image. But if you aren’t doing it strategically, you could be missing out on a big slice of this very effective marketing pie. We’ve put our heads together and crafted five top … View this post