How to create effective B2B Instagram Reels

Is your business thinking of branching out into video content, but not sure where to focus your efforts? One platform that allows you to post video and visual content is Instagram. Instagram has proven to be an excellent platform for building brand visibility and user engagement, and Instagram Reels are the latest great example. 

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are essentially Instagram’s answer to popular social platform TikTok. They allow users to create 15-90 second video clips, which can then be shared across their profile. Instagram reels have their own feed on a user’s profile and can be shared to stories or found on the explore feed. Reels are commonly edits of short, entertaining video clips, aimed at appealing to your target audience.

Why businesses should use Instagram Reels

Reels are used by many businesses to help build brand awareness and are a great way to increase audience engagement. When done well, they’ll be shared by your audience and expose your brand to a wider network of users than just your followers.

With this in mind, you can use Reels to educate users on your brand identity and product benefits. When you’re promoting a product specifically, Reels are a great way to showcase surprising use cases, unusual benefits or quirky features to gain attention and increase engagement.

Unlike Instagram stories, Reels don’t disappear after 24 hours, giving much greater longevity to your content. Instagram can even recommend your videos to users to help get your businesses Reels on their feed.

Tips to get the most views possible

Naturally, you want to make your Reels as entertaining and engaging as possible. We recommend that you use both music and closed captions in your videos. When you use music in your Reels, the video is exposed to that specific song tag which helps more people find the video. However, not all users scroll though Reels with the sound on. Having captions is a good idea to increase engagement from users with the sound off.

When you’re getting ready to post your Reel, it’s important to remember to tag all relevant accounts and add titles to your Reel cover photo. This helps users navigate through your Reel tab to find the right video.

Points to remember when first getting started

When you start creating Instagram Reels you have a few options. You can record the Reel using the Instagram app, or you can film and edit your video using third party apps like InShot. There are pros and cons to both.

Officially, Instagram states their algorithm prioritises content made directly within the app, so for basic Reels it is worth creating natively if possible. But you making and editing your videos in another app gives more editing options. Plus you’ll have more control over the use of branded fonts, which is especially important if you have strict brand guidelines.

If you’re new to Reel making, it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect! You can save edits as drafts, so try making a few Reels before committing and hitting post. Remember the production value of your reel will in itself say something about your brand!

Also, make sure you’re not making your Reels too salesy! Instagram is a social network after all, and users don’t want to be scrolling through Instagram seeing a barrage of ads (more than they already do!) Aim to entertain and inspire to maximise engagement.

Repurpose content

If you’re stuck for content, try re-using old content that’s been successful. You could look through your feed, or rummage through your website analytics to find out what blogs and content have done well. Try to brainstorm new ways you can communicate the information that’s resonated in the past in a new way using the Instagram Reels.

Ideas for Instagram Reels

Tell your businesses story
If you’re the founder of a small business, Reels can be a perfect way to tell your start-up story. Share the challenges and what worked and didn’t. By doing this, you take your users on a journey with you and build a connection to your brand. This can also be a great way to increase your presence within your business community, and inspire people who may be looking to start up their own business.

Jump on trends
Have you seen a song that’s getting a lot of attention at the moment? Use it as background music behind one of your videos! That way when people search the song tag, your video will be there.

Be honest
Don’t be afraid to show your audience bloopers and behind the scenes clips. This will help humanise your brand, and allow viewers to see your brand in a softer light.

Extend your marketing reach

If your business already creates content for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the core marketing messages behind your content can be transferred to Instagram Reels. Diversifying your marketing strategy can be a great way to help your business gain a rise in engagement and reach a new audience.

If you think your business could benefit from creating some new content on a different platform but need a hand getting started, then feel free to get in touch!

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