Do you know about the golden hour of LinkedIn?

Whether you’ve heard of it or not, the golden hour on LinkedIn is definitely something worth knowing about if you’re looking to increase your visibility on the platform. Why? This brief time frame directly after you post is when the LinkedIn algorithm decides how your post is going to work based on how many likes, views, comments and reposts your content gets in this first hour.

Why does this matter? Simply, the higher the engagement, the higher the chance of a wider reach on your LinkedIn Network.

The LinkedIn algorithm

With 1 billion members and growing, there are billions of posts every day and LinkedIn’s goal is to prioritise relevant, high-quality content and promote engagement. The algorithm observes for engagement signals to decide the worth of your post so it’s worth putting the time in to get your content right.

How can you make the most of the golden hour on LinkedIn?

The golden hour is a fantastic opportunity for you and your network to engage in conversation and reach a wider audience. LinkedIn’s algorithm boosts posts with higher activity rates, extending content beyond your 1st-degree connections.

To maximise on the chance of raising your presence, encouraging comments on your post is a great place to start. LinkedIn scores posts based on activity and comments are worth 4x as much than a like.

Comments allow you to establish yourself as a thought leader and provide additional value beyond the original post. Responding to comments in real time signifies to LinkedIn that a real conversation is taking place, boosting your score.

So, how do you encourage comments on your posts? There’s a few things to consider …

  • What questions can you ask to provoke a response?
  • Ensure you post is formatted for readability
  • Tag connections you know will respond to your post
  • Use relevant hashtags, the rule of three is good to go by, with one being broader and the other two more niche to your content.
  • Create posts on niche topics
  • Choose a time you think your followers will be most active online

If you crack the golden hour LinkedIn code?

The LinkedIn algorithm is important to consider when you’re looking to increase your visibility, and cracking it allows you to expand your network and reach a far wider audience. The more comments, likes and shares you can gain on your posts, the better your chances of content hanging around longer than a day and appearing in more feeds.

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