7 ways GetCrisp can support your business

GetCrisp is a digital agency based in Brighton on the sunny South Coast. We specialise in digital marketing, video marketing and web design but we also offer many other services to support your business in these digital times. We love to build relationships with our customers and can turn your ideas into reality. We have lots of experience working with all kinds of companies from small start-ups to large corporations. 

Here are 7 things that GetCrisp can do to support your business. Take a look, you might be pleasantly surprised! 

1. We can help your business to create a fantastic website. 

We love building web sites that have clean, crisp designs which result in outstanding user experiences. It’s really important for us to ensure that all the websites we create look great on all devices. We employ responsive designs on every site, which means that your site will look fantastic and will be easy to use on mobile, smartphones, desktops and other devices. To top this off, responsive websites rank better on Google and other search engines! We have a dedicated team of developers that can turn your vision into reality. 

Even if you already have a website that your are happy with we can help with any amends and tweaks and a reasonable rate. 

2. We can help your business to be seen on search results (SEO) 

We understand the importance of ensuring that your website is seen on Google and other search engines. We know how to optimise your site to drive more traffic towards it. We begin the SEO process by understanding your competitors and buyers. This gives us a great insight into how the customer behaves and allows us to build an SEO strategy specific to your target audience. We can add additional analytics to your website so you can track the progress of your SEO strategy. 

So, either if we have created a website for you or if you already have a great site we can help you to be highly visible on the web! 

3. We can help your business to manage your social media presence 

We are well versed in the world of social media and can help you to create a successful social media strategy. Having a proper strategy for your social media accounts can increase customer engagement and your website search engine rankings. We can offer to create outstanding content for your accounts, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your own blog or any other platform.  

Social media is critical in any modern day marketing strategy. A successful social media strategy can increase your customer engagement and also your website search engine rankings. Some of our content has been included in a variety of trade magazines. 

4. We can help you to analyse the visitors to your website 

We believe its really important to understand who is visiting your website and how they are interacting with it. This information can really help your business to capitalise on these visits and bring in more custom. Website analytics allow you to track a number of vital pieces of information. This includes the number of users visiting your site, demographics, page views and bounce rates. We integrate google analytics into all of our marketing and web design projects.  This allows us to track the success of a website and its digital marketing campaign. We can also provide analytics for social media campaigns. This allows you to track customer engagement and keep an eye on your competitors. 

5. We can help your business to create and manage a pay-per-click strategy 

Pay-per-click also known as PPC is a great way of increasing traffic and conversions on your website. Essentially PPC is a way of purchasing visits to your site via Google and other search engine advertising. You may already be running a PPC campaign yourself, however a successful PPC campaign can dramatically increase website conversions at a significantly lower cost per lead. This can increase your return on investment. 

6. We can help you to make great videos to promote your business 

We believe that, in our world of high-speed internet, video marketing is extremely important. We love making high-quality videos for your business. These could be used to promote products, show case-studies, highlight customer testimonials, increase brand awareness amongst many other things. We have a highly skilled in-house videographer and editor who uses cutting-edge kit to create beautiful videos.  

Creating an impact with video is much easier than with text alone. It is known that rich media including video is favoured by search engines. Using video content can also increase customer engagement and increase traffic to your website. A number of studies have shown that over 90% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchases. 

7. We can help your business to develop solutions for more complex web applications 

It doesn’t end there… We can integrate learning platforms with your site if you want to deliver courses and other learning resources. We can set up ecommerce sites to help your business to shift products over the web. As we also specialise in all forms of cloud technologies, we are able to take on complex projects that integrate other platforms with your websites.