5 Reasons to Include Video in your Marketing Strategy

Before I start reeling off the 5 top reasons why I think people should be prioritising video content in 2017, I wanted to firstly start off with some amazing facts about video content.

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I could think of more than a dozen reasons that video content should be a part of any businesses marketing strategy, but I have selected my top 5!

5.  Grab customers attention

The average website visit is less than 50 seconds when not using video content. This is increased significantly to over 5 minutes for sites using video. Video not only grabs customers’ attention but makes them more likely to explore other content on your site.

4. Improved SEO

Adding video content to your website will improve your Google page ranking. I have recently been running some keyword analysis for a customer and found that 8 out of the top 10 search results on Google had video content on the landing page.

3. Improve email click rate

Even adding the word ‘video’ into your email marketing header can significantly increase the amount of times your email is opened. If you add links through to a video this can easily increase the click through rate by double.

2. Easily convey your message

Over 65% of viewers watch more than three quarters of a video and a well-made video or animation can say what 1000 words can in 1 minute.

1. Increase Customer Conversion

Not decided whether to use video yet, then this should change your mind! Using video content can increase your customer’s conversion rate by 80%.